Goat Cheese


Few nights ago, I met with girlfriends for dinner at Esmirada. We ordered some dishes to share and the appetizer was – goat cheese! Yikes! I have never been a great lover of any kind of cheese; in fact, I had to train myself to enjoy eating pizzas and creamy-sauce pasta. Haha, how Asian am I?

The goat cheese was paired with fig – another food that I usually wouldn’t eat voluntarily. You can imagine how my mind was going wild even before it was placed on my plate. I could hardly will my arms to take my portion. Then, one of my girlfriends tried and went, “Oh! That’s pungent.”

Fight or flight? I fought.

I took a teeny slice of that large-bottle-cap sized appetizer, making sure that I got some fig on it to balance the taste. The mushy cheesy taste first hit the roof of my mouth, then the fruity taste of the fig creeped in. It wasn’t too bad, I thought. So I garnered enough courage for another bite. I was still afraid that it might suddenly become too much, and I might gag. But I didn’t. I actually enjoyed it.


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