Goodbye and Hello!


The year is finally drawing to a close. *Phew!*

How’s the year been for you? Do you have a personal tradition to reflect on the year in a diary or make lists to sum up the year?

Here are my 10 best moments of 2013:

1. J got baptised!
2. Graduation!
3. That dreaded event that I was tasked to work on is over (and it brought good reviews!)
4. Trip to Bali! (J and I are looking forward to the next one!)
5. Living alone was therapeutic
6. Having my family at my convocation
7. Being given opportunities at work
8. Attending Midnight mass for Christmas
9. Making up with a friend
10. Kukup trip

I am ever grateful for God’s faithfulness in me, especially in this year of faith, His faithfulness has won me over so much more than my own in Him. So, for that, I will ever praise and thank Him.

Looking forward to the new year, I am excited to turn 25 (in just 4 days! Whoopee!) albeit the fact that I will be a quarter of a century old. But I am trying to view it positively – given that if I am allowed to live for a hundred years, I still have 75 more years to purify myself. (:

Making resolutions is part of a personal must-do. I’ve tried to go without it for a year and for the most part of that year I was rather lost. This year, I have fulfilled 3 resolutions (out of 6, yay!) – I’ve saved up the amount that I set for myself, passed my work probation, and Preppyrus had hit a hundred viewers in a day before mid year *cue fireworks*.

Thanks for reading this blog. I really enjoy writing and I would update more often if I could. At this stage, it is still experimental but I hope to make it professional someday.

What are you resolutions for the new year? I would love to hear them! Till then, HAPPY NEW YEAR! (:


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