Pub-holic Day

One of the best things about living in a multiracial society is that we get to celebrate cultural and religious festivities of all sorts with our neighbours. Unfortunately, I haven’t been invited to many besides Chinese New Year gatherings and Christmas parties; both of which I am racially and religiously affiliated to celebrate. Nonetheless, we still get the day off work, and as for J and I, we managed to steal sometime away from the hustle and bustle to celebrate the festival of lights!

I had my first taste of mutton curry yesterday (because it’s Deepavali, haha); after J gave me the “chicken, REALLY?” look – almost an eye-roll; I’m actually on the verge of gratefulness that he emotionally blackmailed me to eat it with his roll-y puppy eyes. Not only did we have it, we got a medium portion. Ha! Mutton curry is my new thing to crave. Best thing? Casuarina is just 5 bus stops away. *Salivates*

Then we took a walk in the rain with a little shelter from my tiny dusty-pink umbrella, past where we first met, to a little coffeeshop behind it.

He had a latte and I tried the new “Bitterboy: Lemon Tea” with a new book in hand while the rain continued to pitter-patter outside…

(I really wish I didn’t have to work on Saturdays.)

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