12 Days: Sparkly Nails

With a flutter of lashes, the year is almost coming to an end. I love this time of the year as the climate cools and the night gets cosier. It’s barely November, and I know it is quite unbecoming of a Catholic to start preparing for Christmas at the malls and way ahead of the start of Advent. Still, I can’t resist the allure of the Fall collection stocking up in all my favourite stores.

For the first of my 12 days of Christmas series, it’s going to be all about nails. Recently, I was blown away by Galaxy Nails (see picture above) – WHAT!? It’s so do-able and chic! If you’re always on a tightly-budgeted Christmas, pretty nails may not be on the top of your list of priorities. But what’s fall without sparkly things? I think it’s everything to do with the lovely wet weather and that cuppa Chai Latte.

Here are my top five favourite Fall season nails:

1) A Splash of Colour (For the Picasso in you.)

2) Watercolours (They’re great for a tea party!)

3) Navy (Check!)

4) Gold (I bookmarked this since last Christmas!)

5) Space Nails (Here’s an alternative to Galaxy Nails shown above, if you have yellow nail polish that you can’t finish. Bleh.)

That’s something to keep you busy while catching reruns of Friends or TVD. Cheers.

P/S: Did I mention that sparkly nails are a great complement with a glass of champagne?


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