Tuesday and in Love: Organic Dating

Have you heard of the term “Organic Dating”? I haven’t. Not until I read “What do we miss when we fast forward our relationships?” anyway. Here, it seems, it refers to the “old school” way of dating someone – which involves meeting someone in a “natural way” (through friends or somewhere), and then the exchange of numbers, the first date followed by the second date. More importantly, it essentially involves getting to know someone face-to-face.

In contrast, the “new-age” way of dating refers to meeting someone online – on social media portals, for example – where all their profiles are crafted for public viewership and therefore, simply put, you only know what they want you to know.

Personally, I think meeting someone on the pretext of finding “the one” is not likely to help people meet someone they think they would love. There just no way, for me, to befriend someone, while having in mind that I may want to date him. How can I see his flaws if he is trying to be everything he thinks that every girl would like?

Besides, I would love to be picked up at a video-rental shop or a music store.

Oh wait, there are hardly any music stores around anymore… ):


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