The Fabulous Baker Boy

FBB 2013

Some months back, I met my friends for a really late brunch at Fabulous Baker Boy. Located in Fort Canning, facing Liang Court, I suspect that everything was cooked and baked under the sizzling Saturday-afternoon sun.

Cottage PieIf you’re looking for a hearty and comforting late lunch, after a long day’s work – like I was, you have to try their Chicken Leek Pie! I’ve gone back a second time for another round. Mmm. The pastry was flaky while the filling was smoking hot! It would be so good to have this for dinner-for-one during the on-coming monsoon season.

Towkay Poached EggsMy friends shared the TFBB Champion Breakfast and they loved it too. Still, Chicken Leek Pie trumps this dish (for me).

Nutty MonkeyIf you ever go to TFBB, you have to try the Nutty Monkey! On my second visit, they were sold out! You can never be too full for this dessert. Mind you, I’m not a sweet tooth, yet this was so memorable.

That’s all for now. Eat well, sleep well, everybody!


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