Couple’s Therapy @ Group Therapy

Group Therapy

As you may already know, J and I get Wednesdays off from work. So, last week, we visited a few places at Duxton! He brought me to brunch; it was our virgin trip to Group Therapy – it’s helluva difficult place to find! It’s located on the second floor, so there isn’t really a shop front that is obvious enough to locate. Here’s a tip, it is right across Berjaya Hotel.

Poached Eggs

We both had poached eggs with smoked salmon and it definitely satisfied our craving! Wow! The first thing that’ll hit your senses is a whiff of freshly ground black pepper, then there was the creamy egg yolk and hollandaise sauce. J and I couldn’t stop going “mmm” and “ahh” till we had the last bite. We almost licked our plates! Eeks! Hehe.


Then we both had our caffeine fix while catching up and reading our books. That’s my Affogato (with french ice-cream). It was awwwesome! I’m not sure about him, but I’m really looking forward to make a return soon!

I can’t wait for tomorrow, already! Wheets!

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