Graduation: Oh! The Places You Will Go

Golly! Time flies. I can still remember deciding between a degree in education and psychology, the first day at orientation when I met my friends (and the love-of-my-life, hehe), our first presentation together (coincidentally, I am working for the lecturer of that module), submitting our first written assignment, hitching a ride with nine people in car, and so many other memories that I will not bore you with.

Months before the ceremony, my relatives, who have been living in Perth, made arrangements to cross this milestone with me. As the vice-chancellor gently reminded, “your success today, could not have been possible without others”. With that, the outward expression of my family’s support and those aptly chosen words, the first 23.5 years of my life came to a grand closure.

I am hopeful (though it feels like I’m stuck in a rut at my current job – when should I leave my day job?) for what is to come. More importantly, I reckon that I am now living in the beginning of my “future”.

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