Tuesday and In-Love: Crying in Public

Picture by Jennifer Malvern (do check out her works, I think they are pretty amazing!)

Have you ever bawled your eyes out in public? I have, and still do, sometimes. It always feels like I’m drawing attention (“Look at Me, I’m Crying“), but I’m not. Usually, I just feel like a bucketful of disappointments, wading in a pool of self-loathing. I don’t think there are as many public cryers in Singapore as in NYC (says Melissa Fobes), but I have met some. The most memorable one, was the week after my ex and I broke up, and I was in a terrible mess inside. I went shopping and met a salesgirl who was also in tears. So, I offered her a hug. It’s amazing that I can still remember that now, some over 2 years on. There was something special about that day. I didn’t feel so alone. And now that I think about it, it seemed like amidst the internal turmoil, I was still perfectly capable of compassion.

That’s not to say that I enjoy weeping in public, of course. I still yearn for a private space for me to sob, and nurse my broken heart/ego everytime I needed to let the rising tides overflow onto the banks. If only it were possible to get a place of my own in this city, sigh!

Here’s a song that really gets the tears  flowing, and the self-healing to begin – Fix You by Coldplay. Enjoy!


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