Home Affair: Greens

I live in the heartlands of a bustling metropolitan city, and the view from my window is a garden atop a tiny hill, where my mother goes for her morning walks on Mondays through Saturdays. As far as I love the convenience that the city offers, I also appreciate the tranquility of the heartland, away from the central.

My mum and I haven’t got green-fingers – i.e. we aren’t good with plants. And she has never allowed me to keep pets. So, when J introduced me to keeping plants in a jar, I thought it was a brilliant idea! (It was also really sweet that he made me one.) Unfortunately, it died, and I had to throw it away. Last week, he brought me to choose my first pets – guppies! Then he put them into a jar with a stalk of money plant. It’s lovely – especially watching them swim after a day of stressful work.

Would you put greens in your home? Have a great week!

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