Tuesday and In-Love: Old Love

Marina Abramovic, who described herself as “the grandmother of performance arts”, explores performer and audience relationships in her works. Hearsay, she was in a passionate relationship with Ulay, also a performance artist, in the 70’s. After tensed relations over a period of time, they both decided to go on a “spiritual journey” which ended their relationship, dramatically (as they both are). Both of them walked 2500km (Ulay from Gobi Desert and Marina from Yellow Sea) and met in the middle of the Great Wall of China, where they bid goodbye.

In 2010, Marina put up a show “The Artist is Present”, where she shared a minute of silence with any stranger who sat before her… till she met Ulay. Electrifying piece of work!

Does anyone know where I can catch a documentary of her relationship?

I wonder if they were tears of joy, or regret, or bittersweetness from her memories of yester years with Ulay. Is there anyone in your life, whom you’ll miss forever? I would have had one a few years back. But now, that can of worms have been spilled, and there’s nothing left to reminisce. J’s my new Ulay – but I pray we will never come to this – meeting at a platform for strangers.

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