Home: Dance Hall

My mum’s intending to renovate our home since it has been more than 20 years since we’ve moved in (has it really been that long ago?). When I was much younger, I didn’t use to think my home was was actually mine; because I had several caretakers and I was moved around a lot. But for as long as I can remember, this home that I’ve been living in, has been mine for the longest time.

With a make-over set later this year and the idea of finally getting my own bedroom for the first time (yes yes… it’s late but) I AM SO THRILLED!

This is Dance Hall, designed by Barbara Hill. I spotted her work on My Scandinavian Home and the bathtub in the middle of the rustic bedroom spells – SEXY. It reminds me of the wooden bathtub featured on Chinese period TV shows. Ahh, the luxury.

Unfortunately, the possibility of having a bathtub in my bedroom is zilch, as the water plumbing is fixed since I live in a flat. Sigh!

Would you have a bathtub in the middle of your bedroom? Why and why not? (:


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