Desk Essentials

Good whinesday, everyone!

I’ve started work for a little over five months now and I haven’t gotten myself any desk-essentials. I was given a set of stationary but they weren’t exciting (at all). There wasn’t even a regular pen-holder so I’m set on doing some shopping! Wheets

Here are some of the stuff that I’ve been looking at:

I would love to have a pretty (but inexpensive) pencil holder on my desk, ’cause currently I’m using a tupperware (haha). When I saw this on Greenpoppies, I knew I have to get one! There are four colours, which would you choose? I can’t really decide between the red (above) and the sea green (below). They cost $19 each, by the way.

I would also like to put up pictures of my loved ones, mainly my mum and J, to remind myself to never get too busy and forget that there’s more to life (who am I kidding, I love life more than work, any day! haha!). Anyhoo, to save some money, I think I might work on something and share it with you guys soon!

Meanwhile, go whine away your midweek, while I chill over a glass of red wine ribena at J’s. Cheers!


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