Light Grey Silk Blouse

How long do you take to pick out your outfit everyday? On good days (i.e. when I’m decisive), 5 minutes would be enough. But on a bad day… hurhur even an hour can’t suffice. On a side note, a psychology lecturer once told my class that the longer you take to pick an outfit shows you are an insecure person – that stuck in my head for the longest time and I was so insecure about being insecure! 

I recently bought a silk blouse from Esprit. And I wish there were more in store! They are incredibly comfortable, casually-chic, and most importantly – it goes with everything.

Everlane produces good quality clothing that isn’t mass manufactured but kept affordable. I was so excited to see it on CUPOFJO. My favourite in their line of silk blouses is the one on the bottom right of the picture above. Doesn’t it look so suave on the model? It’s hard to find blouses my size because my shoulders are too narrow. But Everlane does have sizes 0-2! Shop here.

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