Why I love to Write On Paper

My friends had been trying to convince me to switch to an environmentally-friendly organiser – but I can’t! There’s just something about writing on paper. I guess it allows me to be as creative as I want to be, with – colours, style, spacing, etc. Putting everything together makes it beautifully raw. Here’s Rachel‘s take on writing on paper (she’s currently working on a novel):

This physical accumulation is what I like most about writing by hand. I can literally hold my work in my hands, and every once in a while a word will smear off onto my palm as I’m writing. There is, I’m convinced, nothing quite like it.” – on cookies, brer rabbit, and the novel.

The same applies to me when I read a book – I need and love a hardcopy. What about you? Do you like writing on and reading from paper? Or are you a techy-person? (:


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