Missing Sunday

Jolly (it’s) Monday! Haha… I hear groans. How was your weekend? It was chilly over the island and… I loved it! I was telling a friend (who is now studying in UK) that we were having an unusually cold weekend on this tropical island and he replied, “[it’s] -2 degrees [here]!” eeks! Sometimes it’s funny to watch foreigners clad in beachwear, perhaps hoping to catch some rays, only to realise that it’s raining dinosaurs (y’know, I actually forgot how to spell dinosaurs and I had to google it, HAHA).

I had a comfortable and quiet breakfast with myself – expired corn cereal and milk, and fresh strawberries. Result? A tiny bit of diarrhea. Hahaha! But as another friend had nicely put: we will not let first world problems get in the way of a weekend… except that diarrhea isn’t really a first world problem, is it? Ok, I’m rambling.


3 thoughts on “Missing Sunday

    • hello! thanks for visiting(: haha I kinda enjoy the fact that I had nothing to do… until monday 😡 but it’s true, it can get boring if I had alot more time on my hands with nothing to do.

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