Let’s Eat: Alone

My mum hates cooking for one. So, whenever I’m not home, she eats cereals, fruits, or anything that doesn’t fuss. But I am quite the reverse, as long as I am not in a hurry. I enjoy taking my time to whip up a hearty meal and eating over an episode of Once Upon A Time (my latest addiction) or Modern Family or The Vampire Diaries, you get my drift. All of it is therapeutic… yes, including the washing and cleaning.

I guess I won’t say the same if I were doing it everyday. And perhaps, the fuss wouldn’t be worth it after awhile. If you’re in that place, Frolic recommended a few dishes to whip on a lazy day just for one! You can read about them here. And here‘s a cosy and comforting drink to go with that book/report/people-watching or tears and a broken-heart.

I’m feeling solitude today. What about you?


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