Let’s Eat: Breakfast Mac & Cheese

Good Monday to you, and you and you! How did you spend your weekend? I had a busy one myself and wish I had another day of rest… sigh! Worse still, I had an unsatisfying dinner to end off the weekend with (not a bang but) a droning growl as I tucked into bed.

But a God-sent remedy to kick start the new week is a bowl of home-made mac & cheese by an incredibly sweet colleague *aww*! Its fragrance filled the office’s hallway leading sniffing-greedy-monday blued office ladies to the pot of gold. The first bite I took sent my adrenaline rising, body and mind awakening, and eyes-twinkling, then I quickly shoved another spoonful. I know, the looks of it doesn’t do justice to how it tastes.

What perks you up on a Monday morning? I know many would name coffee (my colleague could barely walk straight into the office without her daily doze of caffeine). What else?

Have a great week, darlings!


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