Friendship-band Tattoos

Hey everybodeh! I know it’s been awhile, but you haven’t been out of my mind. My full-time job has been rather hectic as the term has just started, but I promise to update as regularly as I can. In fact, am telling myself that I should share something everyday – am I overly optimistic or what? Hee.

I found this friendship-band tattoo on CUPOFJO. Isn’t it pretty? I remember making friendship-bands in primary school; it was the in-thang then. Haha. And it is, still, in my opinion. 

I love that it’s temporary, so I can change it when I want (I am fickle like that, that’s why I don’t think I’ll ever get a real one).

If you’re not into friendship-bands, or haven’t got anyone to share it with (aww…), what about:

Cacti? Or…

Giraffipede? Haha.

What are your thoughts on tattoos? I just don’t think I’ll like something on me forever.


2 thoughts on “Friendship-band Tattoos

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