Cecil & Merl Cheesecake

We’ve all seen and tasted the regular cheesecakes, always a slice off the cylindrical block. But have you tried Cecil & Merl‘s cheesecake? It looks like a loaf of freshly stone-oven-baked bread, except that it’s not! I’m not a great fan of cheesecake like J is, yet this one’s definitely got me salivating in front of the computer. Unfortunately, this is only available in Manhattan and Brooklyn.

On that note, I’d love to visit the States sometime. Doesn’t the vigor that New York City exude entice and excite you? It has that effect on me and I’d love to go and struggle like a passion-filled young pauper (just for the thrill of freedom, hee). NYC Taught Me blogs about moving into NYC and the day-to-day discoveries the author, Elizabeth, makes.


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