Ready for the Rain

This is the season of “another day” that we’ve all been singing about. Soon, the city will be due for it’s annual cleansing showers. I’m always looking forward to the cold weather after months of scorching summer heat and sweat. But by the end of December, I’d be depressed and praying for the sun to shine again. Ah, everything should be done in moderation. Even rain.

Meanwhile, here’s what’s keeping me optimistic about the approaching monsoon season:

No price for guessing what I’ll be clad in for work tomorrow. Haha! I love that the colours in the sketch are so vibrant, a juxtaposition from the gloomy skies. Furthermore, the weather is so eratic, you’ll never know when the sun might pay us a surprise visit.

By the way, where can I get a watercoloured scarf?


One thought on “Ready for the Rain

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