All You Need is Love

Hello! 😀

So, J and I went on a date last Friday ‘cos it was a public holiday. We met for brunch at Little Diner. It’s literally a tiny diner located in a quiet spot along Bukit Timah Rd.

It was an incredibly hot afternoon! I was so glad to be wearing my white sun dress 😀

The tiny jar of flowers were from the neighboring table – aren’t they charming? I adored the tiny pumpkin…

I couldn’t help but wonder where the spiders were heading… and if they came alive at night. Haha!

Here’s what I ordered. I think it’s called Supernova – basically eggs ben with smoked salmon. J had the same thing but with ham instead. He said he preferred his but I liked mine more. Nevertheless, the highlight for me had to be that bit of diced potatoes in the middle. I couldn’t understand why they placed the sides in the middle  of the plate – but golly! The potatoes were (by far) the best that I’ve tasted! I’m so going back just for that. Haha.

After which, we had plans to visit Chye Seng Huat Hardware to have a cuppa coffee and spend the afternoon reading.

We could hardly tell the number of people this place could house by looking at its exterior…But, it was incredibly crowded! But thankfully, we found a spot for both of us to settle our asses down to enjoy a good read (for the next few hours :D).

Ok, the coffee was definitely great (for a coffee novice like me). I’ve recently learned a thing or two about coffee from J (who is an ardent fan of good coffee!) so I can tell you that the acidity of their coffee was tad high for me BUT adding brown sugar helps if you don’t like your coffee too “sour”, hehe! MMM! Just recalling its aroma is intoxicating.

We stayed till almost sunset. How I miss the place already.

Here’s where we had a simple dinner – Pig Organs Soup! My favourite! Yipee! On a side note, isn’t the architecture enchanting? I wish there were more of such buildings around.

This was what we had! It wasn’t the best I’ve tasted… but it was satisfying enough. That metal plate of something was actually pork and salted fish with spring onions and ginger. It was surprisingly yummy!

We accept the love we think we deserve. Poignant, isn’t it? This movie got me laughing out loud like a buffoon and drowning my heart in tears.

I enjoyed myself so much, I didn’t wanna go home… so I didn’t. Haha! I look forward to the next date.

Phew! Long post. It’s Monday night so I’ve got to turn in… like now. G’night!


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