Let’s Eat: Buttermilk Pancakes

Whenever I get moody and feel like being alone, I like to whip up a comforting meal for myself (usually instant noodles and a cup of ribena haha!) and eat while I enjoy a show. Tonight, I’m inspired (by CUP OF JO) to have buttermilk pancakes! But of course, I’m not gonna make them from scratch ‘cos I’ve bought myself a box of premix a few weeks back. My baker-friend, Kel, will never approve of this – she has offered to make me some of her homemade premix so that I won’t have to buy off the shelves! Hehe. O how she spoils me… (you can check her out here)! 

What kind of pancakes do you like – sweet or salty? I like to mix mine, so that’s what I’m probably going to do tonight.

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